Off the Eaten Track

Alastair McLeod

Alastair McLeod is Executive Chef of Brisbane's highly acclaimed Tank Restaurant and Bar and the former icon Bretts Wharf restaurant.

He is a sizzling ball of energy who also finds time in his busy schedule to venture into the field as a presenter for Channel Seven's lifestyle program Queensland Weekender and, of course, to host his own homegrown food show, Off the Eaten Track.

He unashamedly loves the media roles because they give him the opportunity to motivate and inspire people to share his passion for food, but there is nothing he enjoys better than spending time in the kitchen at Tank Restaurant.

Alastair was classically trained at a number of Michelin listed restaurants in Ireland, Scotland, France and Italy. When the timing was right he chose to settle in Queensland, and more particularly Brisbane, largely because of the enormous range of amazing produce that's grown right on our doorstep.

The popular chef's own family heritage is as eclectic as the produce he espouses. He was born in Ireland to an Irish father and Australian mother with Sri Lankan, Filipino, Spanish, Danish and Torres Strait Islander blood running through his veins.

Alastair is an ardent supporter of all things local. He believes the closer you are to the source of your food, the better it will taste and the smaller the carbon footprint you will create.

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